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Is your homepage engaging your target audience?

Is your homepage engaging? Does it attract visitors' interests? Is it clear what you do or what you sell? Or is it a mass of text with 14 links around the screen's border? Does it bore even your best friends? Any doubts and you're in trouble.

Your website reflects your brand. Since your website is the hub of your marketing, the look of your website is the first thing your clients and prospects will experience. And, as we know, ‘first impression is the last impression’ so it is important to have a website that engages your clients with your company.

Eye appeal is everything, but what's appealing to one pair of eyes can be singularly unattractive to another. Consider the elements of visual design. Are the colors appropriate for your target demographic? It is important to engage your clients with clear visual hierarchy. It uses tools like color variations and directional arrows to show the audience what's important on the site. With this it will also provide easily understandable links, readers can click to learn more about the company. It is important to make sure that your website serves your target audience and helps to advance your business goals rather than scare your audience away.

For engaging your clients your website should clearly display the meaning and the purpose of your brand and create a tone and express the personality of the brand. Homepage of your website will attract your clients if it has a proper balance of Aesthetics and Visual Appeal.

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